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Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

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Feed Your Heart and Soul at the Annual Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

If you are a self-confessed foodie who would rather sample the local fare than see visit museums or architectural sites, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on an event that takes place every year in Autumn at Snape Maltings: the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival – a celebration of seasonal, zero kilometre produce that boosts the local economy, encourages people to grow and cook their own food from scratch, and provides a fantastic meeting point for those who can think of nothing better than enjoying a fantastic meal with friends and family.

The event is participated in by a plethora of food and drink producers, so it offers serious gastronomes a wide range of exciting items for purchase, including raw milk, organic veggies, a wide variety of breads, renowned beers and spirits and more. A host of food trucks make their way to the festival site, to serve fantastic meals bearing influences from all over the world.

One of the highlights of this annual event are the showcooking performances, in which budding chefs and even those who are wary to head into the kitchen, can be inspired by the amazing yet easy recipes taught to them live by up-an-coming and renowned chefs alike. Both local and visiting chefs whip up delicious dishes whose flavour and aroma whet your appetite and inspire you to recreate the fantastic flavours and textures at home.

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The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival has hosted renowned chefs in its long history, including Valentine Warner (who has presented numerous cooking documentaries for BBC2 and UKTV) Warner is the author of the wonderful book, The Good Table, which emphasises the importance of shopping for produce carefully and of cooking in line with the seasons. All of the Chefs invited to the event share the organisers’ belief in the importance of consuming fresh, good quality, seasonal fruits and vegetables, since by doing so, we add greater variety to our life and keep our heritage alive.

The presence of top chefs makes patent that although the event may focus on the fantastic world of food, its ethos is serious and very much in line with the ‘zero kilometre cuisine’ concept, currently taking the world by storm.

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The idea is that local food is not only tastier, it is also healthier for you. Recent studies have shown that conventionally grown crops not only contain pesticides and herbicides – but also heavy metals and lower antioxidant levels than organic foods. Indeed, the culinary and health sectors alike are increasingly stressing the importance of consuming healthy foods which feed body, mind and spirit. Thus, organically grown produce is served in many settings in which detoxification and optimal nutrition is key- including weight loss, eating recovery and rehabilitation centres. Of course, not only those who are struggling with health issues should be eating well – so, too, should their families, who can sometimes forget the importance of taking care of their own health. The Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival  aims to inspire us to eat healthily every day, not only on special occasions.

The event additional features masterclasses with top chefs, featuring food from all nations. Chefs from countries such as Italy, the United States and African countries, have made their way to the Festival in the past to share recipes and to enlighten festivalgoers on the key elements of their respective culinary traditions. They also give tips on ways that we can recreate traditional dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Creativity, we learn, is vital in the kitchen – both for tried-and-tested and more innovative dishes.

In addition to the festival itself, other events take place, including Festival Fringe, featuring everything from farm walks right through to dinners, family activities, workshops and more. The idea is to provide continuous fun and information for those who were unable to attend the main event, or those who wish to make the most of the social aspect of food.

The Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival website has all the information you need to plan your visit – the site, updated every year, recommends food trails, towns of the week and social media trends, all to do with the world of food.


Please go to this link for up to date information: www.aldeburghfoodanddrink.co.uk


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