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Take a Digital Detox

Life moves at a fast pace. And things seem to be getting faster by the minute.

More and more people remain glued to their mobile phones for the entire day; some even walk down the street sending texts or checking out their newsfeed on whichever social media platform is flavour of the month, and it is thought that we now spend more time online than we do asleep.

Borleymere Shepherd's Hut in Suffolk

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop? To switch everything off for a while and do something else, something more worthwhile?

Imagine going to bed without the annoying glow of electrical gadgets, reminding you that you are plugged in to news, information and your networks for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Imagine waking up to the sound of birds, rather than the soul-destroying shriek of the early morning alarm clock, and imagine eating breakfast outside, overlooking your own private lake and then spending the day walking, cycling, paddling or just lying in a hammock reading a book (a what?!) for the whole day, before finishing off with a glass or two of something chilled, while dinner cooks on the BBQ.

Cosy double bed in Borleymere, a shepherd's hut in Suffolk

All of this without logginng into your emails, social media feeds, news website or anything else. In fact, imagine if the surroundings were so lovely, so relaxing and peaceful that you actually didn’t care much what was going on in the outside world for a few days.

Watch the wildlife on the mere at Borleymere in Suffolk

There is a beautiful little shepherd’s hut in the countryside near Long Melford in Suffolk, where all this is possible.

Borleymere is within a couple of hours travel time from London and its rural setting is sublime.

I have experienced sitting by the lake with a glass of chilled white wine, watching the ducks and listening to the summer breeze as it rustles the trees in the nearby woodland.

Dogs are welcome in Borleymere, Suffolk

Looking around, there were no houses nearby, just the cosy shepherd’s hut, a wildflower meadow, the lake with a little rowing boat, woodland and wildlife.

There’s a hammock for lazing around in, bicycles for exploring the tiny country lanes nearby, a brazier and BBQ for cooking (as well as a more traditional stove in the kitchen unit) and plenty of space to breathe.

Woodburning stove at Borleymere, Suffolk

There is no mains power and the evenings are lit by candlelight (or the moon!) and the stars shine brightly in this unpolluted sky. If the evenings get chilly, wrap up in a blanket or light up the woodburning stove.

Take some time out to feed the soul and feast the senses with a few days away in Borleymere Рfind out more and book your digital detox via  The Grove Cottages website.


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Written by Mark

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