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Frinton-on-Sea Essex CO13 9AU

Frinton is a great place for families, it has miles of safe beaches divided up with wooden sea groynes to stop erosion but which give families a handy semi enclosed area for that extra bit of safety when letting their children run wild.

The colourful Victorian beach huts help to create a traditional atmosphere and are great fun, and the town itself retains an air of elegance with its tree-lined avenues and cliff-top greens.

Frinton is famous for having banned beach vendors especially ice-cream/candyfloss vendors, which gives the place a more relaxed and less commercial tacky feel than you get at lots of beaches nowadays.

Parking is easy with a mile or 2 of clifftop road all the way along and if you want to get away from the throng then you can always head off down the coast line to the endless dunes between here and Clacton.

Frinton itself has a lively high street with a good selection of cafes restaurants and shops, we took out young children into cafe 19 which is an open to the street style bistro and has a good children’s menu.

If you want a good day out with the children on a safe sandy beach, this is it.

Here are some photos:

DSC_7979 DSC_7974 DSC_7971 DSC_7969 DSC_7968 DSC_7965 DSC_7963 DSC_7955 DSC_7949 DSC_7946 DSC_7923 DSC_7920 DSC_7907


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