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Self-catering accommodation in Lavenham

Lavenham Suffolk

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Located in the heart of Suffolk, Lavenham is a medieval picturesque village that has some exquisite restaurants and is a truly unique place to explore. Once Lavenham was England’s 13th most prosperous town – in the 16th Century!

Lavenham’s importance stems from its wool and weaving activities, which is attested to by its wonderful historic buildings, Guildhall and Church.

DSC_8546 lavenham-chruch lavenham-high-street  

Over the years very little has changed. The half timbered, slightly wonky houses are vibrant down the narrow village streets. With over 300 buildings listed in total as being of “architectural and historical interest”, Lavenham is often described as the finest medieval town in England.

Lavenham includes a traditional butchers, bakers and grocers and as well as this there is a range of privately owned shops which sell everything ranging from clothes and accessories to lovely gifts and collectable items.

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