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Snape Maltings

Snape Maltings Concert Hall Snape Suffolk IP17 1SP

01728 687110


Enjoy Music and Culture at This Year’s Snape Proms

The Snape Maltings are situated in the small but beautifully picturesque Suffolk village of Snape. Throughout the year, visitors from near and far can visit the Maltings to enjoy its boutiques and craft shops, locally sourced produce, and expertly curated art shows.

The Maltings are a wonderful place to visit if you are spending time on the Suffolk coast and looking for cultural enrichment alongside your beachfront walks and fish and chips. During the month of August, however, the Maltings are transformed and really come alive thanks to the world famous Snape Proms.

The event has been run successfully for the past decade, and the number of bands and orchestras performing at the event has grown year on year. Folk, roots, world, jazz, classical – whatever kind of music you most enjoy, you’ll find at least one concert that you won’t want to miss at the Snape Proms. In order to create the perfect music arena, the seats at the front of the Snape Concert Hall (considered by many to be one of the world’s greatest concert venues) are removed, to ensure that the venue is as safe as possible for the concert goers and to increase the venue’s capacity whilst still fulfilling all of the requirements of its public liability insurance and to maintain the high standards of safety that the site prides itself on.

Getting Involved

General booking for the events opens in May, and tickets cost from just £7.50 each. Why not coincide your Suffolk holiday with some of your favourite acts to create a truly memorable cultural getaway? For anyone that misses out on the tickets they were hoping for, the venue holds back 20 tickets for each performance which are sold to the general public on the morning of the show, meaning that you’ll still have a chance to see all the shows on your wish list.

The Snape Proms are a true highlight of Suffolk’s summer events programme, and should definitely not be missed.

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