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Suffolk Folk Duo’s New Album

Silbury Hill, Suffolk Folk DuoSuffolk based folk rock duo Silbury Hill have released a new CD titled “Justice of the Rowan”. With Scott Dolling on the flute, guitar and vocals and David Stainer on the guitar, mandolin and vocals, their latest CD features original songs in Silbury Hill’s characteristic style drawing inspiration from local and historic themes.

A notable development in this new project is that several tracks feature guest musicians, creating a more textured sound than their previous work. The opening track “Death in the Village” for example, clips along in a rock tempo quite removed from previous Silbury Hill arrangements.

Other original songs include “This Noble Man”, which tells the tragic and true WWI story of a young Essex villager, “Swift” which looks at life, love and the changing seasons symbolised by the migratory bird, whilst “Plein D’espoir” is a gentle instrumental.

The CD also features covers of traditional songs including “Matty Groves”, an evergreen favourite of the Silbury Hill live set, along with “Step it Out Mary” a jaunty folk song layered in multiple instruments.

The title, “Justice of the Rowan” comes from the old superstition that the Rowan tree kept evil spirits away, whilst the artwork for the album was created by Suffolk artist Sharon Teague of Outflux Art. “Justice of the Rowan” was recorded in Suffolk by Peter Corp at his Owl Studios so the whole package is a truly thoroughbred Suffolk product.

Silbury Hill are playing a number of concerts locall including Leigh Folk Festival and Ipswich Music Day plus further dates in the summer.

Further information about Silbury Hill, their concerts and recordings can be found at www.silburyhill.net or by contacting silburyhill@aol.com. Why not pick up a copy of their latest CD at one of their concerts, from their website, and from Ipswich Tourist Information Centre and take home a genuine Suffolk souvenir?

Read our interview with Silbury Hill from a couple of years ago here to find out what they love about living and working in Suffolk

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